A Man’s Guide to Smokin’ Hot Oral Sex

Here’s the thing guys, if you want to receive it, you’ve got to be prepared to give a little, too. Oral sex is one of the most popular female fantasies, it’s a wonderfully intimate sexually act and, if done correctly, oral stimulation can be one of the most...
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Why are men so threatened by the vibrator?

Us women have asked ourselves this question so many times….. why are men so threatened by vibrators? Is it because they may be larger or thicker, comparing it to themselves? Is it that they actually vibrate? Maybe its because some woman can control a vibrator but not the...
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Bondage Sex Machine – Best Choice for You

New bondage sex machines for festive occasions Almost every company tries to come out with something new during the Christmas and the New Years. It is understandable since this is time when the people are in the mood of celebration. They do not retreat from spending a few...
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What To Do On a Night in Las Vegas

Why are you having a bad day when you can do something awesome this day? Las Vegas is a beautiful place where anyone in this world can feel the beat of the world all day long. If you have never been to this world you may ask yourself...
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What You Can Do in Nightclubs

Are you the type of person who has never visited a nightclub and wondering what people do there? Some famous cities like New York and Las Vegas are well known for their nightlife where people party the whole night. Well, there is a lot that goes on in...
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Five Sex Tips for Couples

Hey married couples, do you want to spice it up in the bedroom? Being in a long-term relationship has it’s up and down. It is always easy for couples to fall into a routine and get too comfortable before they realize they are having sex just for the...
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