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How to go to a Las Vegas nightclub alone

Chances, are if you are going to a club in Vegas alone, you have one goal to find an attractive girl and take her home. At the core, everything boils down to confidence. In order to have success with anything you try at the club, you need to have a good confidence. If you find yourself lacking in that area, participate in an activity that would boost your confidence during the day, before you hit the club at night. It is important to note there is no such thing as just one way to pick up girls at the club. This is just a variation.
First, dress nicely in a business casual sense. The dress code at the club should be a minimum standard at best. A nice button up shirt tucked into a casual pair of non-denim pants with a belt that matches your shoes should be just fine. The way you’re dressed is plays a key factor into your first impression on the girls at the club, so try to reflect some of your personality into what you’re wearing. If you’re a bit more adventurous, try something more chic and trendy. The bottom line is to not dress lazily and to personally like what you are wearing yourself. This will boost your confidence for when you actually arrive at the club.

After you have found your way to the club, be the center of attention for a few moments. Try to talk to a lot of people in a pleasant, upbeat manner for a few seconds at a time. High five some strangers. Many women are attracted to the life of the party. This behavior could suggest that you’re a big shot, or just a really fun person to be around. Either way, it makes initiating conversation with women much easier. Successfully initiating the conversation means you are halfway to closing.
When you are initiating conversation, try to avoid cheesy pick up lines unless it’s clear that you are being ironic. Mostly, girls much prefer to talk to like normal people having a conversation. During the conversation, try to avoid standing right in front of her, but rather stay angled at her side, so she does not feel as though you’re lording over. Do not linger in the conversation for too long, and get her to dance with you.

Even if you are not an amazing dancer, just remember to stay on beat most of the time, and not just mindless dry hump this girl. Be interactive and make her feel comfortable with you. At the same time, dancing can be quite sensual so you should include as much grazing, caressing, and rhythmic grinding as you can. The more activities you engage in with one girl, the longer she will feel like she has known you, and will therefore feel much more comfortable with you.

After you have put in some time and effort, find your opportunity to close. A confident “wanna get out of here?” is enough for a club in Vegas. It’s the city of sin, and a lot of girls are there to let off steam. Remember to have fun with it, and move on if she says no. There is an entire city of girls that might say yes.

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