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How to have a g-spot orgasm

Yes. The g-spot is real. This is great news for you! You can have your wife or girlfriend experience heated waves of intense pleasure she has never felt before. The g-spot orgasm is real, and she deserves to experience it. There are essentially two ways to achieve this particular type of climax. First, you can use your fingers. Also, you can use sex, or sex objects to stimulate the g-spot.

Using your fingers for the first time might be a good idea because you have more dexterity in your fingers than you do in your member. Start off having your girl lie on her back and put two fingers in her vagina with your palm facing the ceiling. As you go inside of her, curl your fingers slightly upward and explore her upper vaginal wall. Make sure that she is turned on while you are exploring. The g-spot fills with fluids when the woman is aroused. The g-spot will feel slightly creased or ridged. Some have compared the feeling to roof of a mouth. Once you have found the g-spot, stimulate the special area to her liking. She may like for you to rotate your fingers, tap it, or make a motion of “come here to me (just like you want her to come for you).”
Another way to get your girl to experience a g-spot orgasm is through good old fashioned sex. There are three different positions that best facilitate the journey to the magically coveted g-spot orgasm. First, you could have your girl lie on her back and put a wedge or pillow underneath her butt to create an upward angle. Sit up, and thrust your penis into her at an upward angle to reach the upper vaginal wall. The second one is the reverse. Have her on her stomach this time with legs close together. When she has her legs close together, it squeezes the vaginal walls together, leaving you with just the task of entering her and locating the spot. Lastly, the way that assists your girl to sweet new realms of passionate pleasure the best way is having her on top with a slight lean in the opposite direction. If she does that, then your manhood will automatically be on her upper vaginal wall. At that point, it’s just a matter of stroking it until you hit the g-spot and stimulate that even more.

The bonus way to have your girlfriend experience waves of an intensely heated and screaming orgasm is by having her get there in two ways at the same time. You can stimulate her clitoris while you stimulate her g-spot at the same time. The best part is that you can add the clitoral stimulation to any of the ways you already know how to give a g-spot orgasm. You can use your mouth to stimulate the clitoris while you use for your fingers to stimulate the g-spot. You can use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris while you use your penis to stimulate her g-spot. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to keep having more sex!

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