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How to Sexually Please a Woman

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, and it is crucial for a man to know how they can please their woman with regard to bedroom matters. Some men develop the misconception that what matters most when it comes to having great sex is the size that is brought to the table, and the length of time taken by the encounter. This is far from the truth and though these aspects may be included in the overall calculation of how much a woman will enjoy the activity, they are not the most important elements when it comes to sexual satisfaction. It can be argued that it is easier to please a man in bed as compared to women as the former does not need a lot of encouragements to have a good time. This does not mean that it is impossible for a man to please a woman, nor does it insinuate the level of difficulty for those hoping to achieve this objective.

Pleasing a woman in bed simply requires tact and the possession of relevant information with regard to the person they are interacting with. Making an effort in these matters can go a long way in strengthening the bond that both parties are able to enjoy while taking part in this activity. Needless to say, for any encounter to be classified as “great sex”, it is essential for both parties to have thoroughly enjoyed the activity, and as such the act cannot be a one-sided venture.


Some of the things that a man can do when looking to sexually please a woman in bed can include but are not limited to:


One should not delve straight into the deed if they are looking to ensure that their partner is satisfied as well. Teasing a woman before the actual encounter can increase her anticipation, leading her to enjoy the experience more than she would have without this inclusion. Teasing can include softly kissing different parts of her body slowly, tenderly touching and caressing her, talking dirty while fondling one another, and expressing a clear desire for her body to make her feel wanted by her partner. It should be noted that the teasing should not be too prolonged as this could in turn become tedious, leading to a fall in the anticipation that had previously been built.

Collect Relevant Information

Different women will have different things that turn them on as no individual is the same. It is important for a man to find out what pleases their partner while in bed, and incorporate this information into their actions when they meet. One can collect this information through simply asking their partner what does and does not turn them on, either during the encounter, or preferably before so that one is adequately prepared with the knowledge when the act does happen.

Pleasing a woman should not be seen as the white whale for men, nor considered an impossible task. It is wholly achievable as long as an individual is willing to make an effort.

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