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What do Las Vegas strippers wear

One of the reasons people love to visit stripper clubs is because they will be able to “feed” their eyes with amazing beauties presented in a sexy and colorful way. You will never wait that moment you will sit comfortably in your favorite club sipping your drinks as you keep on watching these sexy girls dancing. Las Vegas strippers are a household name around the world and that’s why people of all walks of life visit clubs where they can be found. It’s not just celebrities or who is who in the world that attend stripping sessions but everyone else. Now your might want to learn about what these girls really wear to “kill” others with their sexy bodies. Well, that’s something you might have not thought because once you enter at their clubs, your mind went off as their charming bodies took it away. Take a look on what you should expect a stripper to wear when it comes to clothing and other accessories.

Trendy Shoes; High Heels

If you have been to some stripping clubs and failed to find sexy girls dancing while on their high heel shoes, then you haven’t gotten the best of Las Vegas strippers. In most cases, these shoes are at least 3 inches high as that is the perfect position for a lady to expose her goodies. These shoes come in handy and these girls need to choose those that don’t cause any form of strain. Their trick is to dance with the shoes on for a couple of time away from the club so as to ascertain that its strain free. The shoes can be close on the front but that isn’t desirable since strippers lovers want to see the most of them. The best shoe is that which can expose a nicely trimmed nail on its front.

Underpants: Thongs

A stripper can never be a stripper if she fails to wear thongs and choose to replace it with ordinary underpants. A stripper will look tacky and horrible with traditional pants which everyone else is used to. To ensure that everyone in attendance get aroused, thongs are a must. G strings are also the norm in most stripping clubs around Las Vegas hence when you visit any of them; prepare your eyes for flashing lights.

Topless bodies

Well, you may think that these strippers don’t wear bras but the truth of the matter is that they often wear it at the start of their dancing sessions. For guys to have a glance of their pair of breasts, they will remove the bras at some point as they dance thus you should stare at them all through.


A girl with a makeup will always look fabulous and that’s what guys want. In Las Vegas, most clubs will have their own makeup artist who can influence how their girls will look. The main goal is to make sure that everyone looks flawless.

The last but not the least is the stripper’s hair whereby they tend to change the style after every other night. It can be absurd for the same lady to have the same hairstyle all week long. Now you know!

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