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A Man’s Guide to Smokin’ Hot Oral Sex

Here’s the thing guys, if you want to receive it, you’ve got to be prepared to give a little, too. Oral sex is one of the most popular female fantasies, it’s a wonderfully intimate sexually act and, if done correctly, oral stimulation can be one of the most effective ways to bring your partner to orgasm.
The problem is that many men either don’t want to give their lovers oral sex or view it as a chore. If you’re one of the men who sees oral sex as an obstacle to the main event and, therefore, rushes through it, you might want to take a different tack, because a man who can give mind-blowing cunnilingus is going to receive an inventive “thank you” in return. So, here’s your indispensable guide to smokin’ hot oral sex:

1. Don’t Dive Straight In
Take some time to really arouse your lover by exploring her whole body. Be sure to pay special attention to her erogenous zones, kissing, caressing and licking these areas of her body. Make your way slowly to her vulva, preferably by working your way from her knee up her inner thigh. She’ll know exactly where you’re heading, so tease her a little bit.

1052. Take Your Time
Women love to feel that a man is taking his time over his exploration of her body. This is especially true when it comes to oral sex. Don’t rush to the vagina or clitoris, make sure that you’re stroking the whole of her vulva. It can be a good idea to occasionally move higher, for example, to kiss her mound, but try not to completely remove contact, as this can disrupt the great flow you’re building up.

3. Be Gentle
Bear in mind that the vulva is a very sensitive part of the body. You wouldn’t want anyone to treat your glans roughly, so be sure that you’re not sucking too hard and never bite her (unless she’s asked you to). Also, don’t blow into her vagina. I don’t know where some men get the idea that this is sexy, but, believe me, it isn’t. Tease her gently and make sure she’s highly aroused before you set up camp at the clitoris.

4. Keep The Pace
Once you’re focused on the clitoris, find a rhythm that seems to work for her and stick to it. When you sense she’s getting close to orgasm, the temptation may be to speed up. However, it’s a good idea to maintain the same rhythm or even slow down slightly. This way, when she does climax, it will be more powerful and she may even have multiple orgasms!

5. Get Creative With the Position
When you first start performing oral sex, you’ll probably want to get your lover on her back, while you’re positioned between her legs. However, once you’ve mastered the basics of cunnilingus, it’s a good idea to try different and challenging positions or mix in some oral sex with intercourse.
For example, during penetration, as she comes close to orgasm, try pulling out and bringing her to climax with your tongue. Then, of course, you can resume penetration. This kind of maneuver will make you very popular, because it demonstrates that you have self-control and aren’t selfishly perusing your own pleasure and, what’s more, when penetration is resumed, you’re likely to give her another orgasm.

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