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Five Sex Tips for Couples

Hey married couples, do you want to spice it up in the bedroom? Being in a long-term relationship has it’s up and down. It is always easy for couples to fall into a routine and get too comfortable before they realize they are having sex just for the sake of it. Sex should be fun, and both parties should be able to enjoy the great moments in bed. Well, how do you go to make the night the most special night for you and your love? Are you looking for hot sex tips to please your lover in bed? Are you looking for the tips to reach that terrific orgasm and leave your partner wanting more? Well, most people are never comfortable talking about sex but here are some very useful sex tips for couples that will keep the fire burning in your relationship.

1) Sex on an empty stomach
ProstituteWell, most of you might be wondering how sex on an empty stomach can be great. You want to be hungry both in mind and body as you make love. It is advised to have some glass of water and a little snack to get your energy levels high. Taking heavy meals just moments before you have sex usually makes you get fatigued quite fast. There is a lethargy that follows heavy meals, and you don’t want it to find you when having sex. Spend time knowing what your partner thinks as you take some light snack. This will get you into the right mood, and both of you will enjoy wonderful moments.

2) Try a sex surprise tip
Trying an interesting surprise sex tip will get your partner into the right mood to have sex. Send your partner to some little errand and quickly set up the sex surprise. You can place a ribbon on the inside part of the door knob and let other ribbons flow all the way to the bedroom. Chances are your lover will love this sex surprise and will want to make love to you.

3) Buy a new sex toy that your partner will love
Get a new sex toy that your partner will love. Once you have the toy, don’t just show it but instead hide it like under the pillow for your partner to discover it there. You can also choose some new sexual lubricant.

4) Make a plan to try a new sex position every month
25cbe712955533.5626f6bf6b304This one sounds crazy, but I am pretty sure your partner will love the idea. It is like exploring new things you have never done together. There are various sexual positions you can find online to help you and your partner reach the ultimate intimacy.

5) Look for new places to have sex
Who said you have to do it all in the bedroom. Try to get new places to have sex with your partner. There are a lot of places to surprise your partner. You can do it in the garage downstairs just before you get into the house or even in the shower. Be creative and look for new places to enjoy the pleasures together.

Getting the best moments when having sex is all about being ready and being in the right mindset. Make sure your partner enjoys what you are doing. Talk and share out ideas on how to enjoy better sex together. Most broken relationship happens because of lack of communication when it comes to matter sex. Don’t be one of those!

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    I tried the number 3 and it works perfect! Very nice tutorial!

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