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How to hire an escort

We are living in a golden age for escorts. Thanks to the internet, there is more access to escorts than ever before. Now you just need to figure out how to hire one. The process can be settled down to roughly three steps. Research the source, research the girl, and the direct contact.

First, research the source of where you would want your escort from. Depending on your area, you have approximately three options. You can get a street worker, use online classifieds, or an agency. In terms of working girls from the streets, you are generally taking a huge risk in both safety and performance. She most likely has a pimp in order to “keep her safe”, and you have no idea how well she performs in the bedroom because there are no online reviews for this girl you’ve just seen. The advantage here lies in the immediacy. The girl is right in front of you. You can have your fun with very little wait time. The slight less risky option is the route of online classifieds. Escorts post on sites like backpage and craigslist with pictures, descriptions, and sometimes even rates. The downside of this route is that you have no real guarantee that the girl you see in the picture is the girl you will meet with in person. More likely than not, the actual girl will be significantly less attractive and not too talented. The best option is probably the verified agency. Although it will take much longer to coordinate, you will get the girl in the picture because the owner of the business would not want to tarnish the reputation of the business with fake pictures. Furthermore, most verified agencies will showcase girls who have many reviews to their name so that you can know just how talented each girl is in the bedroom.

After you have researched the sources, and picked a source, you should research the girls from that source. Explore the options that fit your needs. Do you want her to meet you at your room, or do you want to go to her location? Some girls will only offer one of those options, while other girls will offer both. Some girls offer more services for extra cost. People with fetishes would probably like to consider the different escorts that will cater to their tastes, especially if they are particularly alternative. Some escorts specialize in fetishes. Lastly, this is a business where price ranges are dramatically large. Some street escorts will charge $30 while high class agencies could charge $3,000 or much more. Make sure to research girls within your budget.

The last step of hiring an escort is the direct contact. Whether it is through the phone, email, or text, you will need to contact the escort or her representative directly in order to make it happen. The only thing to remember in this stage of the process is to try to be as respectful, clear, and concise as you possibly can. You do not want to spend a lot of time on the phone. After direct contact with the escort, the rest is quite self-explanatory. Have fun!

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